The best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game (classic era)


Jay: Congrats Salvio! I wish you a lot of happiness with your family NGFL_clap Jul 15, 2024 5:56:29 GMT
Riko: Congrats Salvio! You must only ever let your kid play Neo Geo games :) Jul 14, 2024 12:06:44 GMT
Murikov: Congratulations on your upcoming junior, ! NGFL_clap Go and be an awesome dad! NGFL_tup Jul 13, 2024 14:22:05 GMT *
donutman: congrats Salvio. You got a nice coop partner in your future! Jul 13, 2024 1:00:57 GMT
boogiepop: Oh, wow... Congratulations, Salvio! Jul 12, 2024 23:30:25 GMT
Salvio007: Oh yeah - And wife is pregnant lol ENTER PLAYER 3 Jul 12, 2024 22:36:32 GMT
Salvio007: I have a nice Mutation nation MVS kit heading my way on Monday! Woohoo! Jul 12, 2024 22:34:57 GMT
Miky: It's NEO TURFIN TIME Jul 12, 2024 12:59:40 GMT
Jay: It’s weekend for me already! Time to buy some Neo Geo stuff neogeo_logo Jul 12, 2024 8:36:46 GMT
Miky: It was July 4th weekend so i was outta town. Im absolutely exhausted, wish i had asked for Monday off too. Jul 8, 2024 12:18:34 GMT
Jay: SNK 4EVAAAAA neogeo_logo Jul 8, 2024 6:31:53 GMT
Jay: I just found out about the Shoutbox :o Jul 8, 2024 6:31:39 GMT
pimsbury: Can't believe I missed the chat! Sorry guys I fell asleep! Jul 7, 2024 21:53:37 GMT
tuxedomarty: He was, I adored him a lot as did others in my family. Thank you guys. Jul 5, 2024 20:36:39 GMT
pimsbury: Sorry to hear about your grandpa , please take some time to rest and process your loss. Jul 5, 2024 19:24:23 GMT
Murikov: RIP to your gramps, Marty, I'm sure he was a good man! 🙏 Jul 4, 2024 23:03:52 GMT
tuxedomarty: Thank you my friend. Jul 4, 2024 22:52:26 GMT
pimsbury: We have HOMEMADE ROCKET LAUNCHERS for the 4th baby. Gonna SPREAD DEMOCRACY TONIGHT. USA USA USA. Jul 4, 2024 19:57:48 GMT
Riko: Sorry about your grandfather Marty NGFL_comfort Jul 4, 2024 17:01:37 GMT
tuxedomarty: And now my grandfather passed away. I swear, 2024 is just one kick to the balls after another. What next? Jul 4, 2024 13:16:05 GMT
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