Game of the Month May 2023: Alpha Mission II


Murikov: This evening at 8PM UK time we're having our monthly NGF member chat over at our Discord server. Come and join us for a nice and relaxed chat! 8-) Jun 4, 2023 11:55:22 GMT
iswy: "Uhhh...
Could not connect to search server. Please try again.

May 26, 2023 16:37:41 GMT
iswy: When using search, I get this: May 26, 2023 16:37:35 GMT
Nekoha: Apologies for the delays in the highscore, been helping a friend with a project, on top of my own project, so the free time I get has been limited. Sorry for all the trouble, and thanks for your patience. May 26, 2023 8:36:20 GMT
pimsbury: Yes you should ! It's a solid game and probably my 3rd favorite of the kof NeoGeo games. Plus the soundtrack rocks. May 24, 2023 13:21:29 GMT *
neogeofreak2004: Hey guys so anyways I have a question should I pick up kof 96 for my AES? May 24, 2023 1:09:22 GMT
Riko: It's the only way to make Crazzzzy Money! :D Original map is my fav - turn the arrows + markers off and it's like being a real cabbie May 23, 2023 16:42:31 GMT *
pimsbury: What's with all of this Crazy Taxi talk? Leave it to Sega to make driving a taxi fun. May 21, 2023 16:57:07 GMT
tuxedomarty: Crazy Taxi sure is dope. May 21, 2023 5:51:07 GMT
Riko: Crazy Taxi is life! May 20, 2023 21:10:29 GMT
tuxedomarty: Amazon lied to me again. Promised me a discount on something once it was delivered and refused to give it to me. $19.34 I'll never get back. I'm so done with Amazon. May 12, 2023 15:12:34 GMT
2d: :I would buy a NGPC instead. The color makes a world of difference. May 9, 2023 3:47:14 GMT *
Murikov: Dear friends, this evening at 8PM UK time we're holding our monthly member chat over at our Discord server. If you're interested in joining a comfy and relaxed discussion, come and join us! NGFL_tup May 7, 2023 14:25:39 GMT *
neogeofreak2004: Hey guys, so anyways I want to buy a monochrome Neo geo pocket so should I pull the trigger or not? May 3, 2023 14:27:36 GMT
tuxedomarty: Amazon is pissin' me off man. My delivery of MMBN collection was supposed to come today, and like other Amazon orders of mine in the past, it was "Delayed in Transit". Apr 18, 2023 22:37:23 GMT
Riko: Happy Easter everyone! I'll be playing Robo Army. You do die and come back to life in that game - so very appropriate for Easter :) Apr 10, 2023 16:39:36 GMT
Murikov: Happy Easter to y'all Neo Freaks! 🐰 Apr 10, 2023 12:26:52 GMT
pimsbury: Happy Easter everyone, I hope you celebrate the same way I do - listening to 90's booty rap and playing Street Slam! Apr 9, 2023 18:23:19 GMT
Murikov: Also props to our madlads over at the Proboards support team for helping us, we love you guys! 🫶 😂 /s Apr 1, 2023 23:52:31 GMT
Murikov: We finally got rid of these April 1st Hackers running amok, and the site is again under our control! Big thanks to that event goes to the great admins Riko, Boogie, Pims and Nekoha who made this all possible! 😂 Apr 1, 2023 23:50:59 GMT
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