The Cool Video Thread


Miky: tfw the latest windows update ruined your audio and the 10 days to rollback are gone. :'( Dec 1, 2023 15:15:08 GMT
Riko: I saw it quite a few times back then. John Candy films were great. Used to like Uncle Buck too! Nov 30, 2023 17:15:32 GMT
pimsbury: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is one of my old favorites . Loved that movie when I was a kid. Nov 30, 2023 3:05:47 GMT
Miky: u as well tuxedo Nov 24, 2023 18:24:16 GMT
tuxedomarty: Happy Thanksgiving to all my NGF homies! Nov 23, 2023 18:49:24 GMT
Riko: Happy Thanksgiving to our US members! Always makes me think of that film "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" Nov 23, 2023 17:52:53 GMT
Miky: Happy Thanksgiving to the US of A Nov 23, 2023 15:54:21 GMT
Riko: I'm hiding behind the Spinmaster pic Nov 20, 2023 17:46:42 GMT
pimsbury: Shhhhh... we're hibernating Marty Nov 20, 2023 5:02:43 GMT
tuxedomarty: Where is everyone, man?? Nov 20, 2023 1:13:54 GMT
tuxedomarty: yoohoo, anybody home? Nov 18, 2023 19:52:56 GMT
juegame: Designing stuff for xmas ! Early takers will get a discount ! See you tonight ! Nov 5, 2023 20:09:35 GMT
tuxedomarty: Damn I almost forgot the chat was today!!!! Nov 5, 2023 19:04:48 GMT
tuxedomarty: iPad Battery Life has gotten shorter and I am fearful that the battery will die out eventually and I do not know how to access any of my accounts anywhere that have security checks being that the authenticator will no longer be accessable. Nov 5, 2023 5:31:08 GMT
Riko: I don't know but they seem to come in phases and then we don't get any for a long time Nov 1, 2023 17:51:01 GMT
tuxedomarty: WTF is drawing all these spam bots here?! Nov 1, 2023 0:13:34 GMT
pimsbury: Two more spam accounts busted today 🧐 Oct 26, 2023 12:19:08 GMT
Riko: The guy advertising the smart watch has been terminated 🤖💥 Oct 23, 2023 20:22:17 GMT
tuxedomarty: Now UPS is becoming unreliable and delivering things late too. >:D Oct 21, 2023 15:33:55 GMT
pimsbury: Glad you enjoyed the review ! It's defintely a multiplayer game, I'm sure it's cool on Fightcade. I seriously only have Windjammers in the MVS when people come.over, because I'm trying to grow the WJ cult. mslug_monkey Oct 13, 2023 12:35:34 GMT
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