The Cool Video Thread


tuxedomarty: Of course! Mar 23, 2023 5:17:54 GMT
Riko: Great stuff Marty NGFL_tup Let us know what you think of it when you get it Mar 22, 2023 21:33:07 GMT *
tuxedomarty: Got a shipping notification from Strictly Limited Games. My copy of the Breakers Collection has shipped. Mar 20, 2023 22:16:53 GMT
tuxedomarty: They have the 3DO port of SamSho at the Yestercades of Red Bank. I played it when I went there one time. I think it would be nice to own a 3DO one day, but I want a top loader FZ-10 model. Mar 8, 2023 1:03:24 GMT
pimsbury: 3DO is indeed an impulse buy 😂😂. But the Samsho port is good and so is Super Street Fighter. Mar 8, 2023 0:54:28 GMT
neogeofreak2004: ya know i couldve got a neo-geo mvs game but i am going to buy a 3do out of impulse because i really want to play the good games on the 3do! Mar 7, 2023 21:57:14 GMT
pimsbury: What game are you getting ? That's exciting! Mar 6, 2023 20:03:10 GMT
neogeofreak2004: Hey guys, so anyways i am going to get my first NEO-GEO MVS Game this week sometime! Mar 6, 2023 0:02:57 GMT
boogiepop: Thanks for the reminder, Murikov! (I had completely forgotten.) Mar 5, 2023 17:02:31 GMT
Murikov: Today at 8PM UK time we're having our monthly member chat over at Discord server. Come over if you want to have a friendly chat! NGFL_tup Mar 5, 2023 15:58:28 GMT
Riko: I'm with Pims. Just makes a massive difference having the light NGFL_tup I think I got the bigger screen on mine, which is great too Mar 4, 2023 21:38:36 GMT
pimsbury: I would totally go for the backlight ! I know I personally can't stand not having a backlit handheld anymore. I'm too old for that. Mar 4, 2023 1:17:02 GMT
tuxedomarty: I sent off my NGPC to a guy who was able to fix up an old Game Boy I had that he fixed up for me, and I am contemplating asking him to install a backlight or not. Mar 1, 2023 15:37:09 GMT
pimsbury: yeah, must be rough for you over there! Man that's swimming weather haha! Feb 25, 2023 16:20:08 GMT
Murikov: : Holy shit! You're almost going through Siberian conditions, bro! Meanwhile in Switzerland we're having an unusually mild winter at 14°C / 57° F. Can't complain though! Feb 24, 2023 15:45:36 GMT
pimsbury: WOOT! It's 4 degrees Farenheit here, spring is right around the corner! -16C for all you non Americans! Feb 24, 2023 15:35:50 GMT
neogeofreak2004: ya know last year in high school i used to play my friends in kof and hell i beat a guy in real bout 2 and i won a couple bucks from him because i whooped him in the game. also iirc the emulator that i was playing on in those days was mvspsp! Feb 16, 2023 20:24:05 GMT
tuxedomarty: I think I’ve got it! Tara Platt as Mai, Kira Buckland as Athena, and either Xanthe Huynh or Katie Griffin as Yuri! Feb 9, 2023 2:02:21 GMT
Murikov: Today is the first Sunday of February! We'll be holding our monthly member chat over at our Discord server at 8PM UK time. Would be cool to see you there! NGFL_tup Feb 5, 2023 12:05:20 GMT
pimsbury: Man Marty, that game is cool but the tea parts and social stuff in general got stale after a while. I really liked the combat though. Feb 4, 2023 5:23:38 GMT
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